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8 Ways to Boost Your Income Now Part – 4

8 Ways to Boost Your Income Now Part – 4

In this last entry in the four-part post about the things you can do to boost your income, we take a look at the last two of the eight different things that can improve your finances fast and that you can do right now.

Let’s start with taking on odd jobs and conclude with the simplest, most obvious one: Asking for a raise, and some of the right approaches to do it.

Let’s go.

7. Cobble together odd jobs.

One of the wonderful things about the internet, is that it allows for a seemingly unlimited stream of opportunities for those willing to take the time and to put the necessary effort in searching for them. That said, let’s take a closer look at a few examples of some uncommon online jobs that can easily turn into a decent amount of income at the end of every month. These might not turn you into an overnight millionaire, but will definitely keep away any need to look for a personal loan and such.

– Filling out surveys: the web is abound with companies that want to know how to better cater to their customers, and what is more interesting is that they are willing to pay for this information. So if you search the web for the term “paid surveys”, you will find that some companies offer either money or products for taking the time to fill out 20 or 30 minute-long surveys. In addition to this, there are several websites that specialize on finding people willing to fill surveys honestly, so you can apply for those as well.

– Sell through Ebay: Who hasn’t bought something through Ebay at this point. If you happen to have a few things laying around at home that you think would interest someone, Ebay is the perfect way to sell them. The online auction site not only will put your items in front of people all around the globe, but it will cost you almost nothing to do so. Also, if you happen to have access to products that are not easy for other people to get, you could start selling them on Ebay and gain a loyal clientele in no time.

– Help Justice: You can also act as a juror to render a non-binding verdict for legal cases through the web at sites like, which are used by lawyers to test how strong their cases are. The pay for these ranges from $5 to $50 depending on how complex a case is.

8. Asking for a Raise

Wages have remained stubbornly static in the past few years since the economic crisis a few years ago. However, that has led many people to (wrongly) assume that because of that it is not possible to get a raise.

But the truth is that is the work you do is top notch and you see yourself as someone who os not easily replaceable, then you actually have great chances of getting a raise. That said, in order to successfully apply for a raise, the key factor is to document just about every bit of the work you do that has tested your performance and where you have delivered excellent results. This will allow you to make your case with specific details that are impossible to question.

Additionally, do not limit yourself to keeping track of only your achievements at work, but also include new degrees and certifications, as well as every way in which you’ve saved the company money during your time in it.

Another approach: Search the web for sites like, where there is a lot of information readily available about how much someone with your qualifications can earn in the market. Once you know this, you can frame your case to your boss not from the angle that you need money, but from the angle that you have actually made the company better and stronger.


And there you go. In the course of four days, you have learned about eight ways in which you can increase your income almost right away. Maybe not all of them will cater to you, but all you need is for one or two of them to do in order to start improving your financial situation. Try any of them and let us know how you do. To your success!