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8 Ways to Boost Your Income Now – Part 1

8 Ways to Boost Your Income Now – Part 1

One of the hardest truths of the past few months, is that at least in the last year, salaries went up only 1.7 percent. The year before that was not better, with only but a meager 1.6 percent salary increase for citizens of the U.S. Due to this, an increasing number of people are being forced to look beyond their traditional jobs to generate additional income. Thankfully, there are already a few ways to bring some extra cash home that have been proven, as well as some that are fairly new.

So, in the span of four articles that will run every day for the rest of the week, let’s take a look at eight different ways that are sure to at least increase your chances of boosting your income.

Let’s start.

1. Crowdfunding Your Important Plans or Ideas:

Let’s say you have a great plan for a product or you have everything ready to inver the a great accessory or something of the sort. In the past, if you wanted to make your product a reality and take it to the market, you needed to either convince bankers, venture capitalists or to apply for a personal loan to do it. Nowadays however, sites like have started to gain tremendous traction, allowing virtually anyone to raise funds not only from friends, family and acquaintances, but also from complete strangers.

Kickstarter launched around 3 years ago and since then it has successfully funded more than 30,000 projects without needing a single personal loan from its users. A revealing number from this crowdfunding site is that the vast majority of successfully funded projects belong to just one individual or to a small company.

The way this site drives participation from users is by allowing the people looking for funding to offer special perks to investors. For example, contributors who pledged the largest amount of money not only get the product or products advertised, they also get additional things, like access to pre-release versions of products, special discounts, freebies and other benefits.

Participating in Kickstarter is fairly easy: All you need is to create an online account with the site, write describe your product, service or your vision in general (showing a working prototype of your product would’t hurt either), choose what to offer your contributors if they choose to help you, decide upon the amount of the contributions you want to receive and that’s it. Kickstarter will email you a couple of days after to let you know if your project meets its guidelines and if it was accepted. If it is, you will receive your funds within the period set by the site (of course, only if your project gets funded) and will be ready to start building your future.

2. Moonlighting:

In the year 2011, about 3.6 million people in the U.S. got a second, part time job. Not only do these kinds of jobs provide a substantial additional income, but they are also known t allow people to explore a secondary, potential career and to learn skills that they would;t have learned otherwise.

Some of the most popular periods for Moonlighting are vacations and holidays, when demand from companies for employees escalates substantially.

In addition to part-time positions on other companies, some people can avoid acquiring a personal loan by using their set of skills, like writing, web design, bookkeeping, baby sitting and such. this type of Moonlighting allows people to take their services straight to their customers and without any company playing as the middleman.

People with these skills can also take them online and start a small career over there, like freelance writers, accountants, advisors, online marketing experts and such. Offering online classes or writing a report or ebook on a sought-after topic will also yield some fine results, and the best part of this is that you won’t need to quit you everyday job unless you really need to.

That’s it for today. Check back tomorrow for the second and third way in which you can increase your income right now. Some really smart ideas upcoming!