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5 Reasons Why Community Colleges Can Save Families Time and Money – Part 2

5 Reasons Why Community Colleges Can Save Families Time and Money – Part 2

In our last entry, we took an in-depth look at the first few reasons for why students and families might want to start considering community colleges as real, great alternatives to traditional ones. Of course, one of the main concerns was the economy, and in this respect community colleges offer great advantages, since their low cost means families and students might not have to acquire personal loans in order to fund them.

We also discussed how community colleges also offer some academic advantages over traditional ones, allowing -for example- students to take on more general subjects for the first couple of years, providing them with essential time for them to decide which career path they will choose.

That said, it is time to start moving forward and to take a look at the remaining three reasons why both families and students looking for a personal loan-free life should consider community colleges.

3. The Pros of Living at Home

There is no denying that living in dorms can be a unique and enriching experience, since you get to know new people, make new friends and experience a degree of freedom that you might have never experienced before. However, despite all these pros, the fact remains that college dorms are very expensive. In addition to that, not only you will have to face the costs of renting the dorm year to year, but you will also have to get money for an in-campus meal plan.

On the other hand, we have community colleges, which in most cases allow you to live at home, saving a lot in personal loans needed to face these costs, since dorms are easily one of the biggest contributors to all college expenses. What is even more, if you add up the cost of a dorm for the four years that it traditionally takes to finish college, the amount can easily add to an entire personal loan. If you choose to live at home though, you can still visit friends at college and perhaps even stay a night or two without needing to pay for anything.

4. You Get More Time to Plan Your Career Path

This is perhaps one of the most serious mistakes students can make in their entire lives: They get a personal loan to fund their college and start right away with a career path that they thought would be ideal. However, all studies show that students who do this usually end up changing career paths, which naturally comes at a great cost that has to be funded via personal loans.

Attending a community college on the other hand allows you to get a real feel for how classes are and, most importantly, to explore career paths with time and patience without worrying where you will get a personal loan to fund your studies.

5. Additional Benefits

When compared to comment colleges, junior colleges tend to be far less challenging, which makes community colleges a far more desirable choice to start studying, since attending to them will certainly boost your GPA and your overall confidence before you even transfer to a full-on four year school. Also, there is no amount of personal loans that can fix a bad GPA, which is usually the case when students start straight with graduate school.

As you have seen, while college is definitely an enjoyable period of anyone’s life, it is also a very important thing that should be considered carefully. If done so, you will save several thousands of dollars in personal loans while at the same time boosting your academics. So make sure to make an informed decision not only educationally-wise, but also financially-wise. This will ensure a good future free of personal loans for you and you family.