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13 Ways to Improve Your Finances in the Year 2013 – Part 4

13 Ways to Improve Your Finances in the Year 2013 – Part 4

Here we are on our last article in the series of four about how to make of the year 2013 the best financial year for your economy and your savings. We’ve already discussed in the first ten tips before these a series of ways in which you can save money and time either by better managing your retirement funds and other aspects of your finances or by making better investment decisions and avoiding applying for personal loans unless they are for investment purposes. In this last article in this series, we take a look at a couple of more practical tips that I’m sure you will find just as useful.

Let’s get going:

11. Find the Credit Card That is Perfect for You:

One of the greatest mistakes that some people tend to make when it comes to their credit cards is to get too attached and overprotective with the ones they have, treasuring them a lot more than they should. This is usually caused by the belief that acquiring a good credit card is hard. Nothing could be further from the truth however. In fact, if your current credit card is not meeting each and every one of your needs right now, you should seriously consider changing it to one that does. Imagine applying for a personal loan and finding out that the bank’s terms are not favorable at all. In the same way, you should only settle for the credit card that offers what is best for you.

Thankfully, this is not that hard to achieve at all. There are a few quite good comparison websites on the Internet such as for example that specialize in delivering your information for you to choose the best credit card out there. The review every bank’s offer and compare the benefits of the different cards each of them provides their customers with to figure out which one suits you better.

12. Evaluate and Upgrade Your Bank if Necessary:

This might sound quite funny, but banks can be just as credit cards and personal loans: You can’t just settle for whatever comes your way without thinking about it. The reason for this is that bank policies vary widely and very often, and can change from offering very reasonable interest rates on personal loans that are above-average to suddenly overcharging your even for the simplest ATM transactions. Having a low interest rate on a personal loan or on your savings account can definitely help you invest or budget better.

In order for you to choose the best bank for you, the ideal approach is to consider your own lifestyle first and what you expect from your bank in terms of availability and rates. If you happen to travel quite often, then you must surely want to work with a large bank that boasts thousands of ATMs and offices across the globe, even if that comes at the expense of higher interest rates and such. If on the other hand, for example, you don’t move from your city, you might consider using a small local bank that offers cheap savings account and personal loans and which interest rates are far lower.

13. Negotiate With Your Current Bank:

Let’s say you want to remain a customer of your current bank at all costs but at the same time it is not offering you the terms that are ideal for you. If you are a good customer of your current bank, then chances are they will be more than willing to negotiate in order to keep you with them. Good customers are hard to come by, and banks know this. That, added to the fact that it has become increasingly easy to switch banks has made banks far more flexible with their terms and personal loan conditions in order to help them keep their valued customers.

Because of this, more now than ever customers have a lot of leverage to ask and negotiate with banks. So if you would like lower fees or a better interest rate on your personal savings account or personal loan respectively, simply head to your bank and ask for them. In most cases you will get even a better deal than the one you were expecting to get.

And that closes our series! We hope you find all these 13 tips useful and that by using them you can make 2013 you best financial year, no matter if you just open a simple savings account or if you apply for a personal loan.