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13 Ways to Improve Your Finances in the Year 2013 – Part 1

13 Ways to Improve Your Finances in the Year 2013 – Part 1

Now that 2013 is well upon us, a lot of you might be thinking if you got the head-start you wanted to get a year ago once 2013 started. Of course, one thing is to hope for a better year but another completely different is to face reality and find out that you can’t avoid that personal loan, those changing tax laws and the increasing concern over online privacy. Naturally, you are not the only one faxing these concerns. In fact, just about every demographic group —even the wealthiest ones, who are now facing severe tax increases— are suffering in one way or another.

We thought long and hard about this and about how we can help you achieve that great financial year you are surely hoping for so you won’t need to acquire that personal loan. In the end, we gathered some of the best advice we could come up with in the form of 13 tips that we’ll review in the next few entries and that will help you remain personal loan – free for the rest of 2013.

Here we go:

1. Be A Discount Shopper All Year Round

Just as the title implies, holidays tend to be one of the busiest periods of the year shopping-wise. It is in these times that coupon hunters are rewarded for their patience and justify not needing to apply for a personal loan. Some of the hottest days for discounts in the year and that you should keep and eye open for are: July Fourth, Labor Day, Black Friday and of course, Christmas.

In addition to that, you should also consider some irregularities in the market, like Christmas sales beginning in October, or Drastic discounts the days following Christmas and New Year, when most merchants find themselves overstocked with most products. So in short, in order to avoid applying for a personal loan to do your shopping, you should always be on the lookout for the most interesting and unique deals and sales regardless of the calendar date. Do so and you are sure to find both a hefty supply of things to buy and a great number of discounts.

2. Ask and You Shall Receive

Ever since the economic crisis of a few years ago, businesses have had a hard time recovering the trust of their customers, as well as the number of them. This has generated a steady stream of retailers willing to go to great lengths in order for their businesses to pick the share of consumers’ spending that they used to have. In turn, this has caused them to adopt far more flexible pricing policies and even pushing their own customers to apply for personal loans in order to pay for their purchases.

Due to all of this, by the end of 2012, many of the biggest names in the country (like Target and Best Buy for example) launched temporary price-matching policies that allowed customers to find the lowest prices and pay no more than that. It is believed that that trend will definitely continue this year, so just keep an eye for them and don’t disregard the biggest stores just because they are big: They want customers as much as you want to save.

3. Plan Your Budget With Your Partner

If you are married or have a partner, then you must know how stressing it can be to disagree with her/him about how you should spend your shared income. Even more so if that income comes from a personal loan. In fact, there are quite a few cases where this is known to have caused divorces. In order to avoid this and to live a happy couple’s life for the rest of the year, you and your partner should put primary importance in creating a disciplined lifestyle that is completely free of debt.

The good thing about this is that planning a personal loan – free life is relatively easy. All it takes is to scale back on the small expenses, like restaurant meals, impulse buying and other splurges. This will generate an additional stream of income that will be quite welcome for future needs. And of course, if followed strictly, you will be able to completely avoid applying for a personal loan in the future.

And that’s it for now. Keep and eye on our next few articles where we will cover the next tip on how to make your 2013, your best year (financially at least) yet.